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Can’t stop thinking about student loans? Worried about saving for the future? Take the necessary steps
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White Paper

Live better.
Crypto vs Metals is a hub where millennials can learn, engage, and discover how to obtain and store wealth with cryptocurrency and precious metals. We aim to help you overcome the mental barrier that investing is difficult.

Cold hard wealth facts.
About 60% of millennials who went to college had to take out loans to pay for education(1). This forced them to move back home to make ends meet, and take more jobs they otherwise would not.
Since they have to divide their time and attention among jobs, paying down student debts, renting, maintaining relationships, and saving for retirement, learning about finance has taken a backseat in their list of priorities.

Empowering you so you can live better.
Crypto vs Metals is your window into the future of investing. We are a hub that will help you get started on your journey to financial freedom.
We have original and curated content about financial planning, debt reduction, cryptocurrency trends, and other tidbits about wealth.

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