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Cryptocurrency finds itself facing off against precious metals on the battlefield of appreciation.


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Looking to Generate Passive Income?

Do you always feel like your monthly income is never enough? Are you always looking for new and creative ways to save? 
This is a common sentiment even among those who work multiple jobs to pay the bills, the student loan, and the mortgage—a grim reality of our current financial system. Saving money is never as easy in practice, as it is in theory.

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Traditional saving tips always advise us to save at least 20 percent of what we earn. And while it’s ideal, in real life, it’s hard to set aside when there is not even enough to begin with.

How do you really make money? How do you make money fast? How do you make money without sacrificing the bills and the expenses that you need to pay now?

The answer: Generate passive income.

Passive income is like your monthly salary except you don’t have to work as much to get it regularly. Think of it as your side hustle which will eventually help you get out of the proverbial rat race and financially empower you to truly enjoy life.


The Greatest Battle Of 

The most important number that you need to know now is that only 1 percent of the global population is wealthy. The rest of us struggle, and will probably do for the rest of our lives unless we take part in this ongoing financial revolution.

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“I need money.”

The need for money is as universal as the need for food and water. We need money to live, to survive and to enjoy life. We work to earn money. We study to find good jobs that will help us earn more money.

But an overdependence on the power of money is a costly mistake. Since 2002, a global boom in money was caused by the Federal Reserve as it printed ‘unlimited paper dollars’ to keep interest rates artificially low to boost consumption and maintain GDP “growth.”

The continuously weakening dollar is just the tip of the iceberg. Fiat currencies are falling behind as the world slowly but surely transitions to the future of currency—cryptocurrency.

What does this mean for you?

It means that while we should continue to earn, spend prudently, save religiously and invest wisely, we should also make sure that we are ready for a future without money.

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Thanks To Cryptocurrency
And The Blockchain Technology.

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The rightful and fair distribution of wealth is our advocacy. And we fight this battle through knowledge of cryptocurrency trading, the blockchain technology, gold investment and other precious metals.


Hi, I’m Cardiff Gerhardt and I am a financially independent 25-year-old. I live the life I’ve always wanted but beyond that, I’m on a mission to help you get started on your own journey to financial freedom.

First things first: Learn more about fiat currencies; the government-controlled centralized system of money that we have; and how cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology will help us build our wealth, even out the financial scales and empower us to really enjoy life.

Join me on this free webinar as I walk you through the ABCs of cryptocurrency, how you can earn passive income out of it, build wealth, and ultimately enjoy the life you want.